Impact Dance Company is a flagship company from Instep , offering training and performance opportunity in commercial street dance

The  aim of  this Company is to provide an equal opportunity for all to explore, demonstrate and develop their abilities in the field of commercial street dance.

Through our classes we offer our members the opportunity to partake in sessions which are disciplined, energetic, worthwhile and creative . We strive for excellence through tailored sequences that explore various elements of commercial street dance, all of which are taught in a positive working environment, and are staged with equal consideration for excellence through  the production elements of costume lighting and sound

Alongside this company we also offer a starter class for those individuals who need to develop experience and confidence in  this style

The focus is always to encourage and embody the style through both rehearsal and performance. 

Impact Dance allows young people to express themselves and to develop the particular skills for this style using current music.

As a result  students gain a wider understanding of achievement in order to make themselves into versatile dancers,  preparing them for future development within the art form and at  Instep 

Impact was created in 2014 in response to demand and we will continue to develop , blending commercial street dance with the solid core foundation of contemporary dance for an exciting and unique experience

Membership of the Company advanced group is via audition.

The starter class is open to all comers