Company Classes 

Our Company strand offers training to gifted and talented dancers who would like to take their interest in dance performance and choreography to the next level. Dancers are asked to audition for places and are then given a contract which explains our expectations across an Instep year, including all commitments to weekly sessions additional rehearsals and performances. Company classes take place on Wednesday evenings during term time for Company 1 to 3 and on Thursdays from 6 pm to. 7pm for Company 4 

The Flagship Companies 

We produce be- spoke dance projects financed through external funding applications, and sponsorship: 

  • Bommerang Dance ~Gradate Company of dancers/ facilitators/ practitioners 

  • The Mayakaras : Lila Dance Core Youth Dance Company . Instep members 

  • The Iisanmaayas : MayaKaras lead this mixed age Company 

  • ViveKamayas : Company of Elders 

  • Impact Dance Company : Street Dance