Update  - Instep Thursday Clases start next week Oct 4 th 

Here are the arrangements !
Our new term starts on October 4 th . All dates can be found online at 

We will be monitoring class sizes this year and will be giving priority to returning INsteppers who should attend as follows on Oct 4 th to secure their places :

Those in Foundation , Class 2 and Class 3 and starter street last year should register at 4.30 pm .
Those in Class 4 and 5 & workshop should register at 5 pm along with any newcomers 

Please note: this year due to pressure of spaces and teacher availability we are re organising classes into two “infant class” and two “ Junior Classes “ the term infant and junior is used broadly as we prefer to organise children according to their stage of development rather than their age.

I am delighted to announce that Sian and Cara will be taking over our Foundation Class which is for those who are pre school ( aged 3 and above ) 

We are reducing the age limit in workshop as we will not be running a Class 5. This means that graduates from Class 4 will go into Workshop Class, at the appropriate stage in their development 
Last year most of the children were at the lower age range of their class- so it follows that mostly they will remain in their class and the teacher will adjust the teaching to accommodate their development. We will try and organise any movement between classes as soon as we can and definitely before term 2 .

Places in classes are secured through making the first termly payment 
You are all asked to attend with your children as we will be completing new registration forms this year to be compliant with new data regulations 

Those eligible for Company class who might want to audition please see information on website re audition 

Looking forward to seeing you all
Love Jackie x

Clothing Order Form

You can download and print the form by clicking here 

Please make all cheques out to Instep Dance Company.  On the back of the cheque write your child’s name, class and clothing order.  Place the order slip, cheque in a sealed envelope labelled clothing order - Please ensure that you order the correct size. If in any doubt it is better to order a bigger size.

If you wish your garment to be personalised with your name / initials please add a further £5