Instep Provisional Dates 2019 into 20.

Please note these dates are provisional at the time of publication awaiting confirmation from our host school Brockhill. 


Auditions for Company Places as follows:

So there will be two possible contacts from us:

1. To offer an automatic renewal in a company appropriate to your ability and independence

2. Another inviting you to attend auditions – Wed 25th September. This may be because we aren’t sure which company would suit you or it may be that we wish to consider if the company strand is your best option.


Term dates: 2019/20

Note these are provisional dates and subject to change as the School confirms its calendar for the coming year.


Term 1

Starts: October 2nd / 3rd Fees due at registration this week

Ends Oct 18th 3 weeks plus residency


Oct 12th & 13th

Instep Autumn Residency For COMPANY MEMBERS from Co 1, 2 and 3


Term 2

Starts: October 30th / 31st Fees due at registration this week


Autumn Showcase for Company Classes

Proposed date: 27th & 29th November (TBC)


Ends: December 4th/ 5th 6 weeks

Instep Xmas sharing Wednesday & Thursday Dec 4th/ 5th arrangements TBC

All Instep members



Term 3

Starts: January 8th/9th Fees due at registration

Ends: Feb 12th/13th 6 weeks


Term 4

Starts Feb 26th/27th Fees due at registration


Ends: April 1st 5/6 weeks

Mayakaras and Iisanmaayas projects:

Easter Holiday intensive


Term 5

Starts: April 22nd/23rd Fees due at registration


Ends: May 20th/21st 5 weeks

April 24th, 25th and 26th

April Weekend Residency for COMPANY MEMBERS final timings TBC


Term 6

Starts: June 3rd/4th Fees due at registration

Ends: July 18th with the Instep Show week

7 weeks

Plus additional Sundays


Additional Dates

Production week beginning 6th July: Details nearer the time

Sunday June 28th - Companies

Sunday July 5th - Companies

Sunday July 12th - Dress Rehearsal: All Classes

Summer Season of shows Week beginning July 13th to 18th inclusive

Details nearer the time


Please note: Fees are the same for ALL terms irrespective of the length of the term

We work on a yearly rate of 33 weeks across the school year (6 terms) so terms average out to be just over 5 weeks.